Most of my paintings are out of the studio now, so I took the opportunity to clean a bit and regroup.  It has been years since I have worked in anything other than encaustic, and at times, the limitations of working with hot wax can be frustrating. I thought that the more fluid oil and cold wax would be a fun diversion. The wax is a super creamy texture and mixed with oil paint it feels like you are working with buttercream. Unlike encaustic, you can easily sketch into the surface, you can smear and blend. This was painted applying oil and cold wax with a palette knife, drawing with an oil stick and a pencil, and letter stamps.


playing with oil and cold wax    #trysomethingnew#blog

in the studio

This is the door to my studio today. Cold and windy with bright sunshine.

I started a new painting and finished two that I had been working on.  I didn't clean up for the photos, this is the what it looks like when I am working. My studio houses things that I collect along the way. I find so much inspiration in nature, and tend to save stuff. The perfect knot of wood, a jaw bone that's bleached white, a dried seed pod. There are snake skins and turtle shells and butterfly wings.

There is a table with scraps of paper, maps, books, pictures.

There is a riot of tissue in a cabinet.   This is where I work.